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Kazuhiro Tsuji

Born Kyoto, Japan


Kazuhiro Tsuji is a contemporary hyperrealist sculptor living and working in Los Angeles. After working 25 years as a special effects makeup artist in Hollywood, Kazu decisively shifted focus in 2012, dedicating himself full time to fine art sculpture. Using resin, platinum silicone, and many other materials, Kazu constructs three-dimensional portraits in a scale two times life size.


Kazu is a self taught pioneer in the craft of using contemporary materials to create the illusion of life.  Having discovered the art of special effects makeup for himself while perusing American magazines as a teenager, he developed skills through mimicry, trial and error.  In 1987, he found the address for Dick Smith in Fangoria Magazine and initiated a pen pal student/mentor relationship with him which eventually resulted in Kazu’s first film gig fresh out of high school. As an early pioneer in Japan, Kazu founded one of the country’s first companies of its kind, Makeup and Effects Unlimited, and worked with director Akira Kurosawa in the production of “Rhapsody in August”.


These experiences made him the obvious choice to instruct the first classes dedicated to the emerging craft of special effects makeup at the newly founded Yoyogi Animation Institute. In 1996, Kazu was sponsored by Rick Baker to work on “Men In Black” in the USA. This prompted a decade-long collaboration with Baker where Kazu was project supervisor and makeup artist. In 2007, Kazu started KTS Effects Inc. in Los Angeles. In retrospect his film career had served as a laboratory for developing cutting edge styles of portrait painting, photography, and sculpture. This led to a collaboration with Contemporary Artist Paul McCarthy where Kazu was hired to supervise the projects thathave become some of McCarthy's latest major works. 


Currently, Kazu is primarily focused on producing large scale hyperrealist portrait sculpture in his custom built modeling and casting studio in Los Angeles. The recent work he has exhibited widely at major art fairs and museums, has magnetized the attention from collectors, press, and visiting art enthusiasts alike.

Selected Group Exhibitions  


"Juxtapozed" Fort Wayne Museum of Art  "Portrait of Robert Crumb"  

"Essential Effects" Cologne Germany " Portrait of Lincoln "  

"Conjoined 7" - Copro Gallery, Los Angeles CA


The Late Drawings of Andy Warhol - Fullerton Museum Center CA

LA Art Show - Copro Gallery booth, Los Angeles CA


Scope Art Show Miami - Copro Gallery booth, Miami FL

INAUGURAL CELEBRATION - The Gregorio Escalante Gallery, Los Angeles CA 

Rough with the Smooth - DAX Gallery Costa Mesa CA 

Andy Warhol LIVE - Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) Seoul South Korea

"20 Years Under the Influence of Juxtapoz" - Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles CA 

"Conjoined V" - Copro Gallery, Los Angeles CA 

LA Art Show - Copro Gallery booth, Los Angeles CA


Scope Art Show Miami - Copro Gallery booth, Miami FL

"Conjoined IV"  - Copro Gallery,  Los Angeles CA


Scope Art Show Miami - Copro Gallery booth, Miami FL

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library

"Life and Times of Abraham Lincoln" - Portrait of Lincoln, Simi Valley CA

"Conjoined III"  - Portrait of Lincoln  Los Angeles CA

International Make up Artist Trade Show - London United Kingdom 

International Make up Artist Trade Show - New York, NY

International Make up Artist Trade Show - Los Angeles California 

"Dream Out Loud"  - Portrait of Lincoln, documentary 



Paul McCarthy Studios  

Project supervisor  


Paul McCarthy Life Cast

Paul McCarthy WS   




Film works


"Darkest Hour"

Prosthetic make up and hair designer for Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill




"Hemingway and Gellhorn" Attaboy Film
  Nicole Kidman Aging make up designer
"Looper" Endgame Entertainment
  Joseph Gordon Levitte make up designer

" Killing Them Softly"  

"Total Recall" Columbia Pictures  

     Special effects Make up designer   


"Rise of the planet of the Apes" 20th Century Fox
  Ape designer
"Tron Legacy " Walt Disney Pictures
  Special Effects Make up designer


"SALT" Columbia Pictures
   Prosthetic Make up Designer for Angelina Jolie

   Special effects make up artist 

"ANGELS & DEMONS" Columbia Pictures Special effects make up artist


Make up designer , project supervisor
for Rick Baker’s Cinovation Studios,Inc.

"THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON"  The Kennedy/Marchall Company 2008


"ENCHATED"Walt Disney Pictures2006

"NORBIT" Dream Works SGK 2006

"CLICK" Columbia Picturs 2005

"RING 2" Dream Works SGK 2004


Make up designer , project supervisor
for Rick Baker’s Cinovation Studios,Inc.

"CURSED" Miramax/Dimension Films 2003

"HELLBOY" Revolution Studios 2003

"THE HAUNTED MANSION" The Walt Disney Co. 2003

"THE RING" Works SKG 2002

"MEN IN BLACK Ⅱ" Columbia TriStar/Amblin 2002 

"PLANET OF THE APES" 20th Century Fox 2001

"HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS"  Imagine Entertainment/Universal Studios 2000
   Make-up Artist for Jim Carrey as "The GRINCH"

"THE NUTTY PROFESSOR Ⅱ" Imagine Entertainment/Universal Studio 2000 

"WILD WILD WEST" Warner Bros Pictures. 1999

"LIFE" Universal Studios 1999 

"Mighty Joe Young"  The Walt Disney Co. 1998 

"THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE" Warner Bros Pictures. 1997 

"A THOUSAND ACRES" Via Rosa Productions 1997 

"MEN IN BLACK" Columbia/TriStar/Amblin 1997 

"BATMAN & ROBIN" Warner Bros Pictures. 1997 

"CRITICAL CARE" Live Entertainment 1997


Head instructor and supervisor at Yoyogi Animation Gakuinn Tokyo JAPAN

Owner of Make-up and Effects Unlimited 

"RHAPSODY IN AUGUST" Akira Kurosawa Productions 1991 

"MINNBOU NO ONNA" Toho-Itami Productions 1993

And 16 Japanese Films and TV shows


Make-up artist, project supervisor, art director sculptor painter 

Make-up Dimensions

11 Japanese films and TV shows